The creation of your Web plan is the most important component of the Web development process. Let NETView guide you in exploring such elements as:

  • The look and feel of the Web site
  • The information you want to make available and the information you want to collect
  • How the information will be structured to maximize effectiveness
  • The navigation and content organization techniques used for easy access
  • The photos inline for specific images and/or photos to add interest and value
  • The customized design of forms and their implementation
  • What external media (sound/video) will be accessible and what format(s) will be used
  • What will capture the viewers interest
  • Collection requirements for Web tracking data

NETView can assist in developing new content or converting existing marketing collateral into a format suitable for the web. This content can be for inclusion in a Web page or for inclusion in a data base.

  • Graphic Development
  • Database Development and Support
  • Form Design and Implementation
  • Discussion Forums
  • Web Testing and Validation
  • Web Site Hosting and Management